NOTE: these pages were last updated December 2010 and are no longer maintained!

Years ago I owned a Line6 Flextone 3 XL guitar amp. I used it for everything: rehearsals, studio work, and on the road. It was sold in December 2010, after years of service. On these pages you'll find stuff that I discovered or was curious about when I first got the amp.

Back then I used to partake in discussions about this amp under the name TweakFreak on Line6 forums and places like that.

These days I can be reached at, but this amp is history to me, so I may not be able to offer much help anymore.

Anyways, I took this website out of the mothballs (in 2022). Maybe it is still of interest to some of you.

Welcome to TweakFreak's Flex-3 pages

Information for serious users of Flextone III guitar amplifiers.

What you find on these pages has been compiled and written with care, but quite a while ago. So, if anything breaks or goes up in smoke as a result of something you read here, you're on your own!