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The Flex3 XL as a mono amp

You can turn a Flex3-XL into a mono amp by simply running one patch cable from FX-SEND LEFT (MONO) to FX-RTN LEFT (MONO) and turning the FX Loop ON. Just use one cable, not two.

If you have a shortboard, the FX LOOP switch will switch between mono and stereo modes. If you don't have the board, use Line6Edit to set the FX loop ON.

If all your stuff should be mono, you need to program all your patches to have FX loop ON, of course.

Why do we want this?

Well, with the one cable from SEND to RETURN and FX loop ON, the left and right channels are added up and so it becomes mono. One user said it was cool to be able to control stereo/mono with the FX switch on the FBV when he ran cables from his XLRs to a PA. So that's at least one happy customer.

But there is another reason. Did you see the LEFT/MONO text near one of the XLRs on the back of your amp? Well, in my amp (and it should be mentioned that it has a 1.0 BIOS in it) it is just the left channel you get, which is not mono. So any stereo FX are lost if I run just the one LEFT/MONO XLR to the PA. Using the trick described here helps because the LEFT/MONO XLR now is true mono.

If anyone with a 1.02 BIOS can verify that XLR left is in fact true mono for that BIOS version, please let me know.