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Some basic info, FAQ style. The floorboard meant here is an FBV.

Does the FBV contain the patches?
No, fortunately not. All patches are in the amp's memory. The FBV is merely an (expensive) remote control.
Do I need a Floorboard to access all 36 patches in a Flextone amp?
No. You can access them through Line6Edit as well. Or another MIDI controller.
Does another pedal than the FBV allow access to patches?
Sure. The FBV is just like a MIDI controller. I myself have an ol' BOSS ME10 multi fx pedal. It can be connected to the amp via MIDI cables and gives access to all patches as well. Some people seem to like the Behringer FCB-1010.
Do you need an FBV to use the tuner.
It seems so, yes.
The FBV is giving me problems...
Usually a bad cable. Always pack a spare cable. Under Troubleshooting there is more info.