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Clipping detector

A little DIY project.

If you want to push the Master volume beyond 5, it is hard to avoid clipping unless you can actually monitor the signal at the speakers. See Output power for a discussion on the topic of clipping and its consequences.

Enter the clipping detector. A simple piece of electronics that lights up a LED whenever the output signal gets too close to the max.

With the aid of the clipping detector you can make the most use of the headroom: simply turn up the master volume as far as it will go without any of your patches causing the LED to glow or light up.

It also allows you to run the Master up as far as you want. Some people seem to like that. With this detector you can still control clipping then.

peak detector schematic

Build and use at your own risk. If you don't understand what you see here, leave it alone.

Principles of operation