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Cabs - frequency response curves

When I had just bought my Flex3 I was curious about the frequency response of the cabs. Here are the results of my measurements.

Cabs determine how an amp sounds. Even more so if your output goes through the XLR outs into a PA. If you are looking for some extra high end or more middle, these graphs may help you select a cab more suited to your needs.

A few things to be aware of:

  1. The Celestion stock speakers in the Flex 3 roll off at 5 kHz so anything in the response graphs beyond 5kHz is pretty meaningless unless you are using XLR outs to go to the PA. Then they mean something.
  2. As the first graph shows (titled 'none'), the measurements only are meaningful from 100Hz to 9kHz. This is the flattest response I managed to get out of any amp model. (So, basically, the Flex3 itself rolls off from 100Hz down. I am wondering what this means for the whole debate about Flex being too low-ended.)
  3. The curves are about the speakers. So where the caption says 4x10" Fender '58 Bassman, it's just about the speakers, not the amp.
  4. Mic modeling was excluded also. The mic model chosen in all cases was "mic off". You will find the mic model has a major effect on the overall sound coming out of the XLRs (or the phones output). (I plan to add curves on mic models at some point in time.)
To locate the cab models on your Flex3 amp, look at the Amps and Cabs overview sheet. Or look at your Flex3 manual, p 3.28 (The Cabinets).

To select a cab model, press and turn the MODELS knob. BEWARE: Don't keep the MODELS knob pressed down for too long. Why? If you press MODELS for more than 4 seconds, the green light will go off and a blinking orange or red light will appear at the position of the amp that was selected. This indicates that the amp's default model has been updated to include the new cab selection. That is most likely not what you want when experimenting with cab models. (See the Flex3 manual, p 2.7: Creating Amp Defaults) When you get lost in this, see the Flex3 manual, Appendix A: Amp Models for all the defaults. Or you can do a factory reset as described under Troubleshooting. CABS