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Inside the Flex3

What you see here are pictures of the insides of the (my) Flex3-XL amp.

Click on a picture for a full-size version.

Top view with the front panel removed

Here you see an overview of what's inside. From left to right:
  • The main board.
  • The output board, where the jacks to external speakers are.
  • The power supply board.
  • The transformer.
  • And the power amp is mounted to the back wall.
At the top of the picure there is the flat cable that connects the main board to the front panel (removed), and the two wire pairs to the speakers.

The front panel

The front panel can easily be removed. Simply (and gently) pull both the flat cable and the cable from the jack to the board from their sockets.

The main board

What you see here is the main board: no battery.


Close-up of the BIOS ROM and its neighbors. Note the BIOS version: 1.00. Also it can easily be removed and replaced. Maybe an upgrade to a later version (1.02) is not such a big deal after all.