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Help, I'm stuck

Sometimes it happens: you're amp does not respond to anything anymore. MIDI appears to be dead, and you really don't know where to go. Try one of these.

Reset All - When (almost!) all else fails

Power up while pressing A and D channel buttons. Documented as Factory Reset. All your tweaked patches will be lost, but if your amp is dead this may revive it.

Note: The factory reset does NOT return the amp models (under the MODELS knob) to default states. It only resets the patches. Hm... Go to Defaults if you want to reset to ALL defaults.

"Safe Mode" - When you're really, really stuck!

But sometimes things may have gotten stuck so bad that even a factory reset does not get you up and running again.

Enter Safe Mode. When you keep the A button pressed while the amp is powered up, an undocumented mode is entered. Let's refer to it as Safe Mode. In this state MIDI works, so patches can be downloaded, firmware can be upgraded, etc.

So, if you're really stuck, you can use this mode to reflash the firmware, download default patches etc. The point is that you still have access to the amp via MIDI, so you can try all sorts of things. Once you're up and running again, you may consider downloading all default settings again. See Defaults for that.

By the way, this is also a way to use the amp as a PA amp.