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Amp and tone factory defaults

Here are two links to overviews of the factory default settings of the Flex3, firmware version 1.1. They were prepared using TweakWizard and its export function. PDF versions:

Bundle of defaults

But wait! There is more. Here is a bundle that you can load into the amp with Monkey to restore all patches and amp models to factory defaults.

How to install

  1. Download the bundle (click the link above) and save the file to disk.
  2. Run Monkey (1.18 in my case)
  3. Select the "Backup and Restore" tab
  4. Click on "Load Bundle..." and load it.

How was I sure these are in fact all the factory defaults? Well, I was feeling brave (lucky?) and I reinstalled the v1.10 firmware with Monkey 1.18, which Line6 claims to reset everything in the amp. Then I used Monkey to save the bundle. I then changed patches and amp models and re-loaded the bundle to verify they had been overwritten. Needless to say I made a backup before doing all this.

DISCLAIMER: I have verified that this bundle downloaded properly into my v1.10 Flex3 with a 1.0 BIOS and this is the only claim I make: it worked for me. If it doesn't work for you, don't sue me, go after Line6 instead.