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Line6Edit is the tool Line6 offers to edit your amp via a MIDI connection. There currently are two versions: v2 and v3. See pics below.

Version 2 works fine. The latest version (v3.02) has serious shortcomings. You're much better off with version 2.

Line6 did a lousy job in creating L6E v3. It is the kind of software that should not be out there. And worse, Line6 flatout refuses to fix any problems.

Here is a link to a long discussion about this topic showing that Line6 flatout refuses to fix these problems and in fact has abandoned all customers complaining about them.

Here is a list of Line6Edit v3 issues and bugs. Most of these have been known to Line6 since 2006. Line6 refuses to assign any priority to these issues. As long as any items marked SERIOUS remain unresolved, v3 of L6E in unsuitable for serious applications.

List of issues with L6E v3

  1. SERIOUS Microphone settings off by one. As a result "No mic" is set when "57 On Axis" is selected. It also means that the mic model "67 Off axis" cannot be selected.
  2. SERIOUS When "No cab" is selected, the last known mic setting is used with it, and there is no way to change it unless you select another cab first.
  3. SERIOUS One huge shortcoming: no doc of any kind.
  4. SERIOUS Compression settings incomplete.
    - When you edit a patch and turn the AMOUNT of COMP in the edit window, nothing happens in the amp. You'd expect the compression to change.
    - When you change the COMP on the AMP (Hold COMP while turning MOD), you hear the difference but the corresponding knob in the edit window stays the same.
    - When you try this with L6Edit v2, it works as expected.
    - Here is a link to a dicussion on the subject. It boils down to two problems:
    1. The amp does not respond to a midi CC#5 message (Compression Gain) from L6Edit. A Flex3 firmware issue!
    2. L6Edit does not provide the TWO controls needed to set Compression Gain and Compression Threshold.
  5. BUG TAP tempo does not work properly with TAP button on floorboard and on amp. Try tapping fast on the amp and see what L6E makes of it.
  6. BUG In the icon bar above the knobs: moving Reverb from pre to post has no effect in the amp itself. It appears to be post all the time. Not sure if this is L6E or the amp itself.
  7. BUG Turning Reverb mix up or down in L6E with Reverb off switches it on on the amp but not in L6E. (Panel stays dark.)
  8. Amp dropdown menu should show amp models in same order as under the Models knob on the amp itself.
  9. Annoying and excessive confirmation dialogs whenever something is saved to the amp. There should be an option turning confirmations off.
  10. In Tube Echo: when Flut is set to about 20% the amount of flutter seems to be minimal. Is that how it is supposed to be?
  11. There is an icon with a popup that says "amp enable". What is that about?

Installing Line6Edit v2

You can also install v2 of Line6Edit. It is recommended that you make sure it is NOT installed to the suggested default directory, but to another one (eg C:\Program Files\Line6\Line 6 Edit V2) instead, to avoid issues with v3 (should you ever have it on your system).


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Version 2 - works OK

Version 3 - piece of junk!